The Church We See


I see a church that believes in the supernatural power of the Trinity and understands its mandate to function as an apostolic centre.

I see a church that is welcoming and embracing of every soul that walks through our doors. It is a church that is organic in the way we connect those who find home with us into the life streams of our church. 

I see a church that Worships in spirit and truth. It is a church that releases the sound of heaven to draw people into an intimate relationship with the Fathers. It’s a church that trains and sends worship leaders and musicians into the body of Christ.

I see a church that is multigenerational in its outreach. It is a church that is committed to seeing the ‘billion soul harvest’ of young people come to know the saving grace of Jesus. I see a church that is able to mobilise a faithful, sold out to Jesus, Holy Spirit led and trained army of children and young people who will invade the people in their world with the miraculous power of God. It is a church whose children and young people know who they are and whoms they are. 

I see a church that is proactive in reaching its City through great acts of service. It is committed to bringing solution to our community.

I see a church that has a call to the Mission fields. The MISSION field extends to the Seven Mountains of Influence – Business, Education, Family, Religion, Government, Arts & Entertainment. We see a Church strong in sending and supporting Missionaries overseas. It is a Church that is seeing successful in Church Planting. It is a church that has teams of young and mature being sent into the Nations to serve. 

I see a church that hosts and facilitates large conferences that encourage and inspire the body of believers in the five fold gifting.

I see a church that’s foundation is saturated in prayer, teaching and training groups in prayer, intercession, healing and deliverance through established healing rooms. I see a Church that has an established, strong school of the Prophets, Supernatural, Missions and Worship.

I see a church who are a Generous to the core. They are a people committed to growing in generosity and understand the power of the Tithe and Offerings. It is a place where those who are called to be Kingdom financiers will find increase favour to outwork that calling. 

I see a church bringing revival through lives being Transformed and by reaching the destitute both locally and globally. It is a church that seeks to create a safe place for the lost, broken and sick in order for them to heal, be restored and sent out in the strength of the Lord. It is a church that pursues CREATIVE MIRACLES. 

I see a church that has ‘ears to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying’ to the Church locally and a Globally. It seeks first HIs face and His heart ALWAYS. 

This is the CHURCH I SEE